Banking Hall Furniture
Bulletproof Counters
PAV have designed and tested the Bullet-proof Counters to ensure that they meet the requirements of a truly bullet-proof product. The counter design is modular and can accommodate a multitude of facades to give each client a unique look and feel

Drop Down ATM Unit

Alternative proposal to supply rapid ATM deployment to increase the Bank’s footprint in metropolitan and rural areas

Drop Down Structure Dimensions:
1 556 mm x 3 745mm

The ATM Drop Down Unit for would be manufactured, transported and placed in position according to the allocated area in accordance with the bank and the Landlord.

The structure is constructed with aluminium and stainless steel mesh, this structure is assembled in panel form and is powder coated to prolong the life span of the finish. These panels are also insulated with polyester against weather conditions.
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Assembly & Complete Perspective