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First National Bank
Certificate for outstanding workmanship and service awarded to PA Venter Shopfitters (Pty) Ltd.

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Flash Model Branches 2013

One of the main objectives of the FNB flash model was to reduce the size of the branches to save space. This design aimed to develop a new corporate Identity.

PAV build the pilot branch off concept drawings and assisted with the development of product and branch specification. PA Venter Shopfitters played a role in the design development and manufacturing drawings of the branch type.

All branch furniture was pre-manufactured and completed on site.

FNB Dot Branches 2012

First National Bank (FNB/formerly Barclays) have been a client of PA Venter Shopfitters since 1954 The FNB Dot branch is a transformation of the traditional bank into a new brand for a younger generation with a focus on retail and IT.

PAV assisted with talking the concept sketch to installation of the bank within 4 weeks, as well as with the development of branch design standards.

Designed for rapid deployment, the panelling had to accommodate interactive TVs and branding. The modular wall panelling allowed for rapid installation on site. The security is incorporated into the wall panelling system; this system also caters for easy cable reticulation. All branch furniture was pre-manufactured and then completed on site.

FNB was named the world’s most innovative bank in 2012 at the BAI Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards

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FNB 2020 Pilot Branch 2012

The 2020 Pilot branch was designed with a modular wall system for faster installation. The aim of the design was to consolidate a number of services into the central counter, accessible from both side. The sales desks are on one side of the central counters and the service desks on the other side; the working area was combined for quick service to the client. The branch is designed for transparency and ease of movement.

FNB modular branch 2016

The FNB Modular Branch is open an accessible while catering for the privacy demanded of a banking environment, with a contemporary aesthetic. The design features a combination of various laminates, aluminium, acrylics, finished board products and upholstered surfaces to create a visual impact whilst maintaining a welcoming environment.