Bank Interiors

Nedbank Bank Of The Future

The Nedbank Bank of the Future has an emphasis on openness and also privacy. PAV has installed Bank of the Future branches countrywide. The furniture makes used of materials like Caesarstone for the hard-wearing surfaces, while the waiting areas have a welcoming materiality.

The Bank of the Future ATMs have a Corian façade manufactured and supplied by PA Venter Shopfitters. An alternative ATM facade was designed and manufactured by PAV to be modular and easily accommodate changes in signage and branding. It is made with scratch resistant plastic and an aluminium extrusion designed by PAV.

Nedbank Evo Branch

The Nedbank Modular branch was designed for ease of installation and a uniform brand image. The materials had to be hard-wearing to accommodate deployment in areas with a high population concentration. This branch design takes many of the elements of the Bank of the Future while making the branch cost effective and easily replicable across different sites.