Our History
65 Years of bringing brands to life through innovation and craftsmanship


Founded by Mr. Petrus Albertus Venter in Worcester, South Africa


First contract to design and furnish a commercial bank: Volkskas Bank.

Various Volkskas and Barclays banks in the Western Cape are redesigned and refurbished.


Numerous churches and hotels are redesigned and refurbished.


PA Venter employs over 100 people. Redesigns and refurbishes the interior of over 200 churches.

Win contracts to furnish commercial banks on a large scale


PA Venter visits Germany and the USA to identify international design and manufacturing trends. PA Venter pioneers the first self-service desk in various retail outlets.

Bespoke design and manufacturing services offered for the first time.

PA Venter introduces Renolit to the South African market in partnership with a German supplier. Renolit is an innovative, cost effective and heavy duty thermoplastic film that gives furniture, building components and consumer electronics a decorative finish.

First company in SA to offer “Knock-down” or DIY-ready-to-assemble furniture under the Interloc brand name – this concept dramatically reducing cost of manufacturing and transport/logistics costs to clients

PA Venter employs 600 staff and supplies furniture, coffins and TV cabinets to the South African and International markets.

Pine furniture manufactured and exported to the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. Furnishes the Sun City Casino and DF Malan airport (now Cape Town International Airport)


PA Venter becomes the largest fitter of commercial banks in SA with clients such as Trust Bank, Nedbank, Boland Bank and Saambou – supplies innovative wood furniture, as well as glass and metal security fittings for tellers.

PA Venter designs and supplies innovative bank security solutions for the banking sector; security glass is imported and customized for projects in Parliament and commercial banks.

PA Venter lands a contract with the Rembrandt Group for the design and refurbishment of the personal office of Dr. Anton Rupert.


Barclays becomes FNB PAV converts every Barclays Bank branch to an FNB branch countrywide


PAV installs new Boland Bank designed by Allen International


Mr. PA Venter sells the business to the current owners.


Mr PA Venter retires in 2007.

2010 +

PA Venter is appointed as supplier to Capitec and FNB and is responsible for design and installation of national and international branches.

Innovative fiberglass shells for ATMS and shopfronts are manufactured in the PAV factory and installed on sites.


PAV installs new Nedbank branches amoungst others


PAV installs new MTN store at Mall of Africa

For over 65 years PAV have kept true to three core values, to be: Pioneers Innovators and Specialists.