Our Values
Innovation | Integrity | Partnership
PAV delivers a world class service to national and international clients by means of producing quality products that are unique, original, innovative and aesthetically pleasing. These products are manufactured to specification, delivered on time, within the budget and according to the high quality standards that PAV is recognised for.

This cannot be attained and maintained without the buy-in and commitment of all our staff. With a well-trained and experienced workforce, PAV has become known as a world-class manufacturing company with the expert skills necessary to produce unique and innovative products.

Our integrated business process and ethical business practices set us apart and make us the banking industry partner of choice in South Africa and Africa.

We strive for innovation in ideas and design; problem solving through a practical and inventive outlook. We try to approach every problem as an opportunity for improvement and innovation and as is often proven, necessity is the mother of invention.
Ethical business principles
We believe in conducting all business dealings with integrity, embracing ethical business principles. We strive for transparency with clear practices, policies and procedures.
We attempt to foster reliable, honest, respectable and long term business relationships. Working together to achieve complete client satisfaction, we realise that our people give us the advantage over our competitors.