Retail & Commercial Shopfitting


MTN The new MTN shop in the Mall of Africa was designed by Allen International. The aim of the new MTN branch is to have a strong expression of brand personality and a more engaging shopfront. The design aims to re-balance space with more customer browsing space and impactful digital communication as an integrated part of the store experience.

The new branch has a consistent sense of space in store, and a clear uncluttered customer journey while maximizing customer browsing space. The central inspiration and check in bar form the heart of the space, with a consistent brand backdrop.

The space is broken up into 3 areas of engagement:
Express service including self-service terminals, customer check-in and quick service
Inspire Me
Gateways physically introduce customers to dynamic product and service presentation alongside customer waiting
Engage Me
Service points and staff docking positions
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MTN Africa

The MTN Africa was designed with the corporate identity in mind, using brand colours and shapes for the centerpieces of the shops which help to facilitate product browsing. The different areas of the shop are designed with purpose specific furniture items so that navigating the shop is easy, with MTN MoMo and MTN Play Areas and express areas clearly defined by both colour and furniture design.