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LED lights

LED Lights

PAV LED Panel lights are sized to suit ceiling grids of 600mm x 600mm and 1200mm x 600mm. The frame comprises of Aviation Aluminium 6063 which has a high thermal resistance. Due to the 3mm wall thickness of the frame the LED panel light has little thermal effect; surface temperature reaches only 42°C, after a testing period of 24 hours, at room temperature.

The lights utilise a high transparency PMMA LGP, with a light transmittance of over 85%. The imported silk screen printing ink ensures that the LGP will not yellow in the first 3 three years. With a light uniformity of up to 90%, the light can reach 100lm/W.

These lights are ideal for use in locations where, due to regulations, glass lights are undesirable, like the fruit packing industry.

High quality SMD2835 LED light source,
High output with radiant efficiency, High CRI > 80Ra
The outer face panel comprises of a PMMA layer, which has a high light transmittance
Silent and non-flickering
The aesthetically value of the LED panel light vests in the thin and simple design
The LED panel light is practical and easy to install
50000hrs life span, with LM - 80 test report

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