Design & Prototyping
We Bring Ideas to Life

As part of the manufacturing process, PAV is accustomed to producing prototypes or mock-ups for all items that are put into mass-production. By building such prototypes it is possible to make last minute changes & ensure that the necessary improvements or corrections are made in order to save the client time & money. Our design services include:

Bespoke Product Design
  • Concept and component drawings
  • CNC drawings
  • Standard operating procedures for manufacturing
Architectural Design
  • Brand conceptualization and design
  • Front-of-house banking solutions
  • ATM facades and drop-down-units
  • Furniture, counters, cabinets
  • Design and specification catalogues
  • Site surveys
  • Multimedia presentations with advanced and realistic imagery
Brand Layout Proposals
  • Setting up of project and branch specification standards
  • As built and demolition plans
  • Layout Drawings: Wall finishes, Ceiling layouts, Furniture layouts, Floor finishes layout, Door layouts
  • Fire Protection
  • Merchandise and Signage
  • Compilation of installation manuals
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