Shopfitting Solutions
Customized high volume manufacturing
PA Venter Shopfitters have a unique approach to shopfitting and installation. To us a successful project is one that saves you time and money with minimum time on site. We design and manufacture for rapid deployment so that you can earn revenue sooner. Our turn-key solution includes a structured plan, roll out forecasting, project management and end-to-end completion.
Our branch solutions save you time and money +
Modular solutions for rapid deployment; in factory completion and re-packaged for deployment
Modular design for easy installation and space saving
Very little or no wet work required, thus reducing construction/installation time on site
Easy reticulation
Innovative materials selected for durability and functionality
Demountable sales and dispensing units

Logistics and Stock handling +
Stock control systems allow external visibility and tracking, ensuring complete transparency.
Warehousing done in-house to save you resources, both financially and administratively.
From the design plans and layouts the branch requirements are determined, loaded and delivered to specification and on time.
In-house fleet for timeous and safe delivery to site – wherever you might require.

Installation +
Branch layout plans determine the loading lists of furniture, panelling, ATMs and other fixtures.
Project management includes the wet work, electrical, plumbing and other site preparation, as well as the shopfitting and installation. Which can do both pre-assembly or on site installation.
Overall project management ensures that the installation runs to specification and on time.

Product Procurement +
PAV can source and procure unique materials and products to meet your exact requirements:

Energy efficient project specific lighting
Electronic equipment
Signage and branding